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In the past few years, a new issue has become a major concern for military and police forces, the issue of -Situational Awareness

Referring to command centers' constant challenge, trying to bridge the gap between what they think is happening and what is actually happening.

As special forces veterans, we have made it our mission to develop innovative wearable sensor systems that connect the future field operators to online platforms, helping organizations overcome the challenges of situational awareness.



A smart sensor system that reports firearms' user and machine behavior. When mounted on a firearm, mechanism monitoring, combined with elements of direction and location, accurately depict ongoing combat situations. Meaning, if an operator pulls the trigger in a certain direction, or even just cocks his weapon, the command center is in the know. 

The bottom line is, field operators are able to passively report the most basic but critical information:

"I am in combat, this is my status, these are my actions"


Additional Impact

Additional Impact

Weapon awareness

Notifying firearm users of weapon status and ammo inventory, enabling them to maximize combat abilities.

Training optimization

Implementing data based real-time training analysis and post-drill debriefing.

Maintenance management

Tracking firearm use and scheduling maintenance procedures accordingly.

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